Do you provide services under the Medicare Better Access scheme? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and or confused with compliance on referrals, codes, claims – you’re not alone! Medicare compliance is challenging and the thought of an audit is an anxiety-provoking prospect! There’s already so much to focus on when running your practice, caring for your clients and, for many of you, also supporting your team!  

You may have admin in place supporting you with compliance, or you might be taking care of this yourself. Even people who have a great understanding of Medicare can get it wrong sometimes – we’re all human, we’re bound to miss something, misunderstand the guidelines or be unaware. 

Since the new calendar year is in full swing, and Medicare stipulates maximum sessions on referrals and calendar year, as well as the order in which we accept referrals – it can get really confusing. It’s important to develop a system to track referrals and sessions to reduce the likelihood of errors, however, when errors occur it’s best to rectify these early to avoid ongoing issues and a much larger, more difficult problem.

To help with all the moving parts of Medicare Compliance, we’re launching Medicare Compliance Health-Checks! The purpose of these Health-Checks is to provide you with an overview of how compliant you are and take action to avoid hefty repayments if you are audited by Medicare. 

Our Health-Checks include an examination of randomly selected client files, ensuring all claims are compliant under Medicare. Any issues we identify will be noted and you’ll receive a summary and steps to rectify. Halo can then action these steps at your instruction.

All enquiries for this service will receive 3 free file reviews (no obligation to continue with paid health check services); together we can then identify the expected workload/audit volume required.

To chat to us further about this service, and organise your 3 FREE file reviews, please book a 15-minute meeting with our lovely Operational Coordinator Monique Wells:

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