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1. Ensure reception are well versed! Do they know when they’re allowed to waive a fee and when they’re not? (e.g. emergency, illness etc)
2. Get your ENTIRE team are onboard – that’s clinicians and reception. Explain why the cancellation policy is necessary.
3. Talk about it openly and clearly. Are the entire team upholding the policy and sending a consistent message to all clients in relation to this policy? Reception should remind clients every now and then, and so should clinicians.
4. Be fair. Don’t bend the rules for this client, and be super strict to the next. Enough said.
5. Have your reception take a hard line. If you’re concerned about therapeutic relationships, push it back on reception (sorry folks!). Try “it’s out of my hands, so please ensure you give us plenty of notice”, it’s a perfectly acceptable phrase to put forth in the first session to set the expectation.

If you need help to review or adjust your current policies, or how these are implemented, chat with us about our assessment services – email Ash: 

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