‘How Halo Helps’ series

Group Practices of 5+ clinicians

At Halo, we exist to remove the admin burden from practice owners and clinicians and support them to run the best version of their practice.  We work with practices of all sizes and structures, some have in-house admin AND Halo, some use Halo exclusively. 

Our larger customers are level 4 or 5 practices on the Private Practice Success scale, many have their own admin (often team of admin, practice manager etc) and engage Halo’s services in addition to this. Having an off-site team to manage the busy-work of calls and enquiries allows their in-house team to focus on excellent in-practice service to both clients and clinicians.

Some of our large customers have no in-house admin at all, and Halo is their admin team. Remotely, we can do the busy work AND support clients and clinicians exceptionally! It may surprise you to know the level of rapport we can build with people over phone and email – we’ve mastered the skill!  Of course, happy clients = therapeutic results, reputation, growth, all-round-niceness! In addition, a happy and well supported clinical team = RETENTION and means you can continue to help even more people in the community.


Through our Virtual Administration/Reception services, we have three main focus areas:

1. Client Service and Care:

We provide excellent client service through in and outbound calls and via email on behalf of our practice-customers. We pride ourselves on being exceptionally compassionate and responsive to new client enquiries and referrals. We triage, convert enquiries to bookings, complete the full intake process and maintain an excellent standard of service.

2. Dynamic Diary Management:

We keep a close eye on your diary, wait lists and cancellation lists. Bookings are managed in order to generate the most revenue from the available appointments. Under the diary management function, we oversee compliance and accuracy for Medicare and a range of third party funders. 

3. Finance:

We take care of your billing/invoicing, rebates, outstanding accounts and follow up approval/funding through third parties.

There’s so much involved in running an efficient, profitable and highly customer-focussed practice. We take great pride in our contribution to these outcomes and prioritise our competing demands to have the most impact.

Your practice may have an awesome admin team, or no admin at all. Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering introducing virtual admin:

  • Is my practice as responsive and helpful to new and current clients as I had envisioned? 
  • Are cancellations being promptly and consistently refilled? 
  • Do I feel confident that I am compliant with Medicare? (codes, valid referrals, tracking of sessions)
  • Am I still having to step in and support with front desk admin? (day to day and/OR just to cover leave)

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