Halo’s Virtual Admin & Reception Services: WE’VE CLOSED OUR BOOKS FOR HALF OF 2021?!

We’ve been receiving a large number of enquiries for our Virtual Admin services and I wanted to share some information with our community as to what’s been happening here at Halo. 

When myself, Gerda and Chels founded Halo, our vision was to be structured and steady with client onboarding, and we never wanted to sacrifice our quality for growth. Even though we’re receiving an increased number of enquiries (and it’s been booming throughout this pandemic), we wanted to remind ourselves that we are still in our infancy as a business. It’s our 2-year birthday month, and we’re taking the time to reflect, refocus and realign to our values, vision and mission. 

To this end, last year we decided that for the first half of 2021, our Virtual Admin & Reception service will be closed to new clients. When many business owners would be shouting “EXPAND! EXPAND!” from the rooftops when they see a large influx in enquiries, Halo recognises that in order to provide a stable and reliable service, we must be systematic. We truly understand the impact admin has on a business, and we have a responsibility to be mindful and deliberate about our standards of service delivery.

We are taking time during our shutdown to work on quality, improving systems and reviewing processes to ensure we have the foundations for a robust, reliable and industry-leading service. Our current clients are our focus and we’re excited to continue sharing each improvement with them and seek feedback. We very much value the feedback provided by our clients over the last two years, you’ve inspired us to make the necessary changes to best support you and helped us to identify what works well!

After this shut-down, we’ll be rolling out new and improved onboarding processes and offer services to our ideal practice-clients. As always, we’ll continue to build strong working relationships based on trust, respect and integrity. 

Thank you to anyone who has enquired with us, and those who patiently await their onboarding – we can’t wait to support you.

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