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Hiring is a huge job, finding the right person for your practice, your team and your clients is essential…and a lot of pressure! 

We often hear of the constant struggle to find suitable applicants for clinical roles, and often hear of the absolute overwhelm when looking for a reception/admin person because there are just SO👏MANY 👏 RESUMES! 

It sounds like a great problem to have, but it’s a massive time-guzzler, and how much can you really know about a person’s character from their resume? Then comes the hours of interviewing & reflecting, not to mention the short-listing required to even get to this point. I could go on… 

What if you didn’t have to worry about any of this? SPOILER ALERT: You don’t!!!

With Halo Practice Management’s Virtual Admin & Reception Service, we take care of the hiring, performance management, payroll, compliance, holidays and sick-pay. This is all happening in the background, while we take care of all of your admin and reception work, support you and your clients and assist you with those niggling tasks that keep getting pushed down your to-do list.

To find out more about our comprehensive package, email ash@halopracticemanagement.com.au and we’ll organise a tailored Service Proposal.

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