Why we moved away from using call time as a KPI for our team. 

Our concerns were that by providing a time limit on calls, our team would be focused on the number of calls they were taking/making and not on the QUALITY of the call or the CONSISTENCY OF SERVICE they were providing for our customers and their clients. So we decided to change the way we looked at productivity:

1. Each call should be individualised and personalised to both the practice and the client. Our Practice Support Team are able to ask people about their day, to check in with a client about their child who was sick for their last appointment, to have a quick chat about their recent holiday. We want them to feel valued and that the phone call they have with their practice is a phone call they feel comfortable making.

2. Each call is a COMPLETE service, not just to complete the reason for the call. By focusing on call times, team members often get caught up in completion of the call, rather than completion of the service. They forget to check in with the client about future appointments, to ensure the client is feeling comfortable and receiving outstanding service.

3. Our goal is to not only provide a reception and administration services for the practices we support, but to validate client’s questions and concerns, demonstrate care and compassion for callers and provide next level support. 

4. Our customers and their clients vary; there is not one-size-fits-all. Our service reflects this. Our customers may have clients who are high functioning, have intellectual disabilities, are highly anxious, are accessing treatment for the first time and those who are resistant to engaging. Our team have the time and space to treat these clients with the individuality they deserve, to best engage and support them through their treatment journey with our customers.

5. In turn, we have a happier, less stressed team. This equals better, more friendly service!

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